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There are many companies, both big and small, that use our system to stay connected with their drivers and followers to help bring the community closer together.

Frequently asked questions

This all looks very interesting, but what is it?
We're a directory of virtual trucking companies from across the community with a set of helpful tools to help keep you connected.
I'm not sure how to do something?
No problem at all! Why not check out our useful guides or pop into our Discord and we'll be happy to give you a helping hand.
Do you have a trip logger?
No, but we are working on something else which we think you might like. Why not follow us on Twitter to stay connected.
I have this awesome suggestion!
We absolutely love hearing suggestions and feedback! If you have an idea, let us know by popping into our Discord to say "Hi 👋".
Can I invite my companies drivers?
You can invite your company members, but you should only invite your key management. However, your drivers can follow your company to stay connected.
What's the catch? There must be a cost?
There is no catch 🤯 VTC Directory is FREE to use, making your experience even better.

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