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Why we built VTC Directory

Over the years, more and more people have decided to take on the challenge of trying to build the best virtual trucking company possible. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out for everyone but for others, they have succeeded and continue to grow 🎉

With new companies being created every week, it can sometimes feel like a burden trying to stay connected with the company's most important to you 🤯

That’s why we built VTC Directory! A simple and easy way for you to stay connected with the companies you love.

When you follow a company, you will receive a notification every time that company makes a significant change. These changes could be anything from a company changing their name, appointing a new member to their management team or they have made the tough decision to close their garage doors 😢

But that’s not all… VTC Directory has also been designed to help you find the information you need. This could be the name of a company owner, a company's contact information or simply checking if a company name is available for use. Our easy to use search provides you will all the information right at your fingertips 🥳

Phoenix VTC

Everyone at Phoenix is excited to see VTC Directory come to life! Having a central platform that members of the community can access is something that should go down really well. Hopefully this will be a great way for users to learn more about companies they may be interested in joining!



CEO at Phoenix VTC

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