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Viva Trucking is an ATS and ETS2 trucking company like no other. We are a community dedicated to changing the way virtual trucking is today. We hire truckers from all over the world who are committed to being a member of our innovative company. Our mission has always been to create a place where truckers from all backgrounds can come together to form a friendly community. Our drivers always come first, making responsibility, respect, and trust, the basis upon which we have built our thriving community.

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  • Viva Trucking changed their description 8 months ago
  • AidenZ joined as CAO 8 months ago
  • Viva Trucking changed their founded date 8 months ago
  • Viva Trucking is now owned by Quad 8 months ago

Reviews (4.11 stars)


kravatie on 9th May


(5 stars)

ricky on 23rd Mar


(5 stars)
"Viva is a fantastic VTC. I initially joined in 2017 and have seen it grow and mature into a well-structured community. They truly try to optimise every driver's experience - making the journey as realistic as possible. Highly recommend!"

panda12hy on 23rd Mar


(5 stars)
"If you're looking for the best VTC, you're at the right place! Viva has many things to offer: Drivershub (custom job tracker), special divisions, many great people (both staff and players), frequent convoys... I can definitely recommend Viva Trucking!"

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