MD LOGISTICS Keep Moving, Keep Growing Who are we? ▫️ We are MD LOGISTICS, A fully experienced validated Virtual Trucking Company. Starting from scratch, we've developed and become one of the most independent & friendliest VTC out there. Throughout many struggles & challenges, we still continue our goal is to improve everyday and give our drivers the best experience. ▫️ Moveover, There's a lot of things to explore in MD LOGISTICS like our job logging system, custom fleet of trucks, division system, frequent event and much more... With the least kilometers required per month, you can easily spend more time to enjoy and interact with our community. So have you been convinced? Join the "non-stop moving & growing" VTC today! What do we offer for you? ✅ » Over 250+ community members and 80+ drivers around the globe. ✅ » One of the friendliest virtual trucking company ever! ✅ » Modern-looking, stylish, professional and realistic VTC including our state of art Discord server with custom Discord bot & upcoming landing page & driver hub. ✅ » Friendly, approachable and professional staff team. ✅ » Job logging system and only 1000 kilometers required per month. ✅ » Diverse activities, weekly drive and meetup and officially hosted convoy every month. ✅ » Wide diversity of jobs to work on with our division system. ✅ » Wide variety of singleplayer mods such as paintjob, custom accessories and much more. ✅ » Highly recommended & suitable VTC from our driver's evaluation. **What do we require from you?** 1️⃣ » You must be at least 15 years old. 2️⃣ » You must have at least a legal copy of ats or ets2 with 20 hours played.. 3️⃣ » You must be a friendly, open-minded & responsible driver. 4️⃣ » You have to know basic English. 5️⃣ » You must not have more than 2 active bans. Want to apply? Check these links Website: TruckersMP:

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  • MD LOGISTICS was founded by MinhDuy 4 months ago

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